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Below are listed those who have had a direct impact on the quality of my flies and their presentation.  There are also many, many others – family members, close friends, and total strangers – too numerous to mention in full, who have been tremendously helpful and supportive.  To all those people, my sincerest thanks.

God – I thank God for His infinite grace and beauty, tiny measures of which suffice to inspire me for a lifetime.  I also thank God for instilling in me a desire to create and endowing me with the means to pursue it.  It is my aspiration that this endeavor honor Him.

Brenda Davis – I thank my wonderful wife Brenda for loving me far more than I deserve.  She has been a constant source of help and encouragement to me throughout this endeavor, despite my own periodic admissions that what I was trying to do was probably impossible.  Brenda is a professional photographer and is solely responsible for the exquisite photography found on this site.

An Nguyen – I thank my good friend An, a gifted custom jeweler, for sharing with me many years ago his vision of jewelry-quality hooks.  I also thank him for his irrational confidence in my ability to achieve that vision.  I have benefited from his immense knowledge and skill far more than I could possibly repay, and yet he has never asked anything of me in return for his help.

Alex and Roger Perkins – I thank my cousin, Alex, and his father, Roger, both computer professionals, for their help in making this website possible.  They have both spent many, many hours helping me learn how to set it up and manage it, and continue to help me troubleshoot problems on an ongoing basis.

Kiersten Perkins – I thank Kiersten, Alex’s wife and a professional graphic designer, for her tireless hours designing and customizing the logo for my business pro bono.  To the public, Kiersten makes her graphic design talents available on a freelance basis.  She may be contacted at

Christopher King
– I thank my cousin Christopher for helping me procure rare molted feathers.  He is a true conservationist and bird-lover who has been gracious with his time and energy.  I hope that my flies demonstrate a proper regard for the animals for which he cares so deeply.
James Thurman
– I thank James, Assistant Director of Art at Penn State University, for sharing with me from his expertise in metallurgical art.  Specifically, he is responsible for first envisioning the ingenious leader construction I’ve developed for my flies’ final presentation.

I would also like to thank Duane Davis, Sara Niederhuber, and Mena Davis for their continued advice and encouragement.  My brother Duane has significant business and flyfishing expertise, my sister-in-law Sara has a terrific eye for color and style, and my mother Mena is simply the most creative person I've ever known.  I consult each on a regular basis, and their influence permeates my work. 

To these and others who have helped and encouraged me in so many ways, my deep gratitude.


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