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Contact Information

We are intent on giving our customers the best, most personal service possible.  To place an order or ask a question, please contact Shawn or Brenda Davis in one of the following ways.  Because of its convenience for both us and our customers, e-mail is our preferred method of correspondence.

E-mail us anytime at
or call us at


It is likely that your e-mail or call will be answered by Brenda, who handles all orders, business-related requests, and technical questions regarding photographs.  If you have technical questions regarding the flies themselves, Shawn will gladly return your e-mail or call at his earliest convenience, which is typically during the evening hours.  Please leave appropriate times to call so as not to disturb you at an inopportune time.


Sign Up for Notification of Newly Released Patterns:

It takes me a long time to develop a new fly pattern, so I anticipate releasing new patterns for sale at most a few times per year.  If you would like me to send you an email notification when I release a new pattern, please contact me at  I can, of course, take you off my mailing list if you decide you want to stop receiving notifications, but, again, notifications would only come a few times per year.  You would certainly never receive anything from me of the junk-mail variety.


Become a Supporting Merchant: 

If you own a business which serves clients who may wish to buy my artwork, please contact me at and I would be happy to trade website links or furnish you with business cards.  If you are interested in carrying photographs of my work, please contact me for wholesaling arrangements.


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