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Fire Gallery

Welcome to the Fire Gallery.  To see any image full-screen, simply click on the image and then (if applicable) use the zoom tool once the image has loaded.  The last image shows the display dome for this fly.

Artistic Vision:

A fly meant to appear as though it were burning underwater.  The development of this fly took so long that, by the time I was finished, almost none of my original ideas made it into the final version.  The sweeping contours of the plumage, the trueness of color, and the unique tinseling all bring the flame to life.  As regards color, the subtle cochineal overdyeing of golden pheasant crests to achieve a flame-like orangish red is the perfect compliment to the natural golden and Amherst pheasant crest colors.  The tinsel is milled, cut and coiled into the shape of a flame, kinked slightly to add a shimmering flicker when viewed from different angles, and then tied in only at the head as if it were part of the plumage.  The crests and tinsel are veiled at their bases with Madagascar kingfisher, a stunning natural accent.  I am extremely pleased with how well the combination of natural colors and innovative winging suggest a brilliant flame.

S-ProfilePrice: $1850

Edition Size: 25

Release Date: 12/3/07

Overseas Shipping: Will ship anywhere.


Hook:  Metal: 18K gold.  Length: 6.0 cm (2.4 in).  Gape: 1.4 cm (.55 in).

ThreadScarlet silk, 6/0.

Body:  Floss: Scarlet silk.  Ribbing: Gold, orange, and red-orange silk floss, overlapped and wound in long crisscrosses.

Wings:  Four wings, consisting of flat 18K gold tinsel, Amherst Pheasant crest, Golden Pheasant crest, and Golden Pheasant crest dyed flame-orange with cochineal.  Tinsel is cut, coiled, and kinked to a flame-like appearance, and crests are coiled to match.

CheeksA single Madagascar Kingfisher back feather over each wing.

Head18K gold signature inlay.

Dome Base:  Bloodwood.

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