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Welcome to the Revolution Gallery.  To see any image full-screen, simply click on the image and then (if applicable) use the zoom tool once the image has loaded.  The last image shows the display dome for this fly.


Artistic Vision:

In this, my first artistic fly developed for public exhibition, I sought to make a statement about my artistic vision and tying philosophy.  This fly is about simplicity, grace, depth, and movement, beginning with the understated hook styling and continuing through the fly's subtle color scheme and sleek shape.  Married-wing flies of traditional vintage stand stiffly erect in two dimensions, but I prefer the depth of three dimensions (or even four, if I succeed in conveying the fly’s movement through time).  So this fly is constructed with three spiraling tails, three spiraling sets of tinsel, and three spiraling wings, conveying a strong sense of motion from any viewing angle.  I’ve also tried to contrast the oft-overdone Victorian style with an elegant simplicity made up of only two sharply contrasting colors, gold and black.  Rather than forcing complexity by busying the fly with too many materials, I’ve chosen to allow a few striking natural materials convey their own depth.  The blue and gold macaw underwing brings the entire fly together, creating soft black and gold lines that follow the more brilliant spiral of the tinsel and intermingle with the golden pheasant crests at the tail of the fly.  Veiling the dark side of the macaw feathers are jungle cock nails which give the fly an unsettling three eyes.  The spiraling symmetry of this fly, quite difficult to capture in still photos, leaves the viewer unsure of which way the fly is supposed to be oriented and enhances its sense of movement and freedom.  The spiraling illusion is so profound that, after tying this fly for the first time, it took me awhile to convince myself as I viewed the fly from different angles that I had not bent the hook while tying on it.  The idea was to create a fly that challenges our preconceptions of what a fly must look like and at the same time projects a simple beauty and subtle depth that draw the viewer further in.  The sparse use of materials and the simplicity of this fly's color scheme, however, belie the level of technical difficulty involved in tying it.  The truth is that the subtle yet intricate interactions of the materials makes this a most difficult pattern to tie.  Elegant simplicity realized through technical precision – this fly truly embodies the ethos of my tying. 

S-ProfilePrice: $1925

Edition Size: 25

Release Date: 12/3/07

Overseas Shipping: No shipping outside the United States (both Blue & Gold Macaw and Jungle Cock are listed in CITES Appendix II).


Hook:  Metal: 18K gold.  Length: 5.2 cm (2.1 in).  Gape: 1.2 cm (0.5 in).

ThreadBlack silk, 6/0.

TagAbout eight winds of small, round 18K gold tinsel, tied one tinsel-width apart, followed by twisted black silk floss between the tinsel wraps.

TailThree Golden Pheasant crests, tied at 120° angles to each other and spiraling inward, protruding from the inside of each set of body ribbing, and shaped to hold the barbs tight to the rachis.

Body:  Floss: Black silk.  Ribbing: Three dual sets of round, 18K gold tinsel, each split by 2 twisted strands of black silk.

Wing:  Three married wings, consisting of Blue & Gold Macaw (b&g MC) and Goose dyed black (bk GO) in the following sequence: 2 bk GO, 8 b&g MC, 2 bk GO.  Wings are tied in at 120° angles to each other, each veiling a set of body ribbing and protruding from the head at the same angle as the ribbing.

CheeksA single Jungle Cock nail, veiling the dark side of each wing, angled so as to meet the wing only at the top edge.

Head18K gold signature inlay.

Dome BaseRosewood.

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