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Weaving BookI checked out a few books from the library on weaving, just to learn the basics.  I’ve never been one to learn from books – I only have a few dozen books on flytying, many of them classics, and probably two thirds of them I’ve never opened.  I’m a bit of a recluse artistically - I don’t like seeing too much of what others have done because I don’t want their ideas to permeate my mind.  What I value above all else in flytying, whether artistic or practical, is creating something new and interesting.  I am happy to catch fewer fish if I can catch them with an original fly or technique.  I find that I can be more creative when I approach every task with as few preconceptions as possible.  I love challenging preconceptions others take for granted.  So it didn’t much matter to me whether the books on weaving were particularly good books on the subject.  I spent a total of an hour or two flipping through the books, trying to learn about commonly used materials and how to handle them but not worrying myself much with how to assemble them into a finished product.  Then I put the books away and began acquiring materials.


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