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The Final Assembly


Chain 4

Chain 5

Chain 6

Chain 7

Chain 8

Chain 9

Fly 1

Fly 5

Fly 2

Fly 3

Fly 4

Fly 6

Fly 7

Fly 8

Fly 9

Fly 10

Fly 11

Fly 12

Fly 13

Fly 14

Fly 15

Fly 16

Fly 17

Fly 18

Fly 19

Fly 20

This photo sequence unfortunately stops at the beginning of the actual process of tying the main part of the fly.  The fly was completed late at night after my wife, the photographer, was long since asleep.  I did, however, capture that part of the process myself as part of the time lapse photo sequence found on the next page.


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