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The Gold


Gold 1Gold 2I typically make my hooks and tinsels from solid 18-karat royal yellow gold, a color that is deep and classic in appearance.  I would need several diameters, 20-gauge to make the triple helix of the hook, 26-gauge for the warp component, and 34-gauge (the smallest diameter typically used in jewelry applications) for the weft.  When I thought I had all my materials collected, a friend and colleague who teaches engineering, Doug Ripka, supplied me with a most interesting additional material.  He had been given some old machinery used to wire integrated circuits, and had found a small coil of gold wire still mounted on it.  This was the finest gold wire I had ever seen.  It measured 33 microns in diameter, finer than human hair.  The wire would be the perfect accent to the bolder gauges of the other wire I had.  I purchased a 90-foot spool of 25-micron, 24-karat wire and decided to incorporate it wherever I could.  All told, about 100 feet of gold wire were used to make the finished fly.


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