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Artistic Vision:

This fly is the third fly in a study of the four elements of the ancient world (fire, water, wind, and earth).  It blends the ethereal and powerful nature of wind, simultaneously elegant and violent.  The materials, emanating radially from the calm interior of the fly, find themselves being blown off the back of the hook by an unseen force.  The hook’s exaggerated point and barb make it seem as though the metal itself is being pulled apart by the wind.  A single, dramatic gold tinsel spirals through the center.  The pearls, gentle and translucent, add depth as they absorb and reflect the materials around them.  Perhaps most gratifying for me as the tier is how powerful a visual effect I was able to achieve by use of a single feather.


S-ProfilePrice:  $2100 on standard base

           $2500 on burl base shown in photograph


Edition Size: 25

Release Date: 1/29/12

Overseas Shipping: Will ship anywhere.


Hook:  Metal: 18K gold.  Hook Length: 6.5 cm (2.6 in).  Gape: 1.2 cm (0.47 in).

ThreadWhite silk, 6/0.

Body:  Four AAA-grade Akoya saltwater pearls in increasing size from about 5 mm to 8 mm in diameter.

TinselA single flat, 18K gold tinsel tied in at head and spiraled loosely over the entire body.

Wing:  A single white turkey lower back feather, tied in four sections ahead of each pearl, two turns in front of the smaller three pearls and three turns in front of the largest pearl.

Head18K gold signature inlay.

Dome BaseRed mallee burl, bleached white.

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