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Ordering Information

To Order: 

Because we want to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers, we accept orders only after communicating with our customers personally.  To place an order or ask any question, please contact Shawn or Brenda Davis in one of the following ways.  Because of its convenience for both us and our customers, e-mail is our preferred method of initial correspondence.

E-mail us anytime at

or call us at


When ordering, please be sure to specify whether the item is being purchased for yourself or as a gift for someone else, and please tell us of any special occasion that may be marked by your purchase.

Sales Tax:

6.0% sales tax is added to any order shipped within Pennsylvania.



All shipping is done through FedEx.  A signature is typically required for the delivery of a fly or hook; no signature is required for the delivery of a photograph unless requested by the customer.

Within the Contiguous United States

FedEx Home Delivery is our standard shipping option and is available anywhere in the contiguous United States.  Shipping is insured, takes 1-5 business days (Tues. - Sat.), and convenient delivery dates or times can be scheduled.  Cost for FedEx Home Delivery:

Fly - $15.00            Hook - $12.00            Photograph - $15.00

Many expedited shipping options are also available and are charged at FedEx Rates. 

International, Alaska and Hawaii

Many shipping options are available for International orders (or orders to Alaska and Hawaii) and are charged at FedEx rates.

Combining Shipping on Multiple Items

Due to the special and delicate nature of our items, each item is shipped separately in its own custom packaging.  We charge shipping, however, for only the first item in each order as long as the items are shipped by our standard shipping method, FedEx Home Delivery.  Otherwise, separate shipping charges are applied for each item.


Handling and Fly Care Instructions:

As with any piece of art, my flies should be handled as little and as gingerly as possible.  That said, I want to be sure my customers know how to unpackage and repackage them properly, so I include detailed fly care instructions with each fly.

Due to the uniqueness of the pieces I create and the way in which they are displayed, I have taken great pains to develop custom packaging for my flies to ensure their safe arrival to my customers.  I guarantee my flies against damage during initial shipment.  I cannot, however, take responsibility for any subsequent mishandling on the part of the customer.  My flies are as delicate as they look and require the proper following of care instructions.  They are made to last many lifetimes, treated properly.


Wait-time on Orders:

Due to the time-intensive nature of each fly I tie, I do not always have completed flies in my inventory.  If a fly you wish to purchase is not immediately available, or if you would like me to customize your order in some way, I will do my best to complete the work for you in a timely manner.  Remember, however, that I create every fly from scratch and apply a level of scrutiny to each that demands time.  I want to create something truly special for you, and for that I request your patience.

If I have multiple requests for flies over a short time period, I will begin working on them one at a time.  If I cannot begin work on your order immediately, I will give you the option of being placed on a waiting list, and I will attempt to estimate the expected wait time.  To be placed on the waiting list, I require a $250 deposit which is refundable until the time I begin work on your fly.  When you reach the top of the waiting list, I will contact you to make sure I fill your order exactly to your wishes.  If you desire a fly for a special occasion, I must encourage you to place your order as soon as possible.  Everything I do sacrifices time to quality, so I request your patience as I create something for you that I hope you will cherish for a lifetime.



I ensure the authenticity of my flies in various ways.  First, the head of each fly is inlaid with a handmade signature of my initials in solid 18K gold, a script 'S' on one side and a script 'D' on the other.  The bottom of each dome base contains the fly’s unique Limited Edition number along with my signature.  Finally, a Certificate of Authenticity is included for your archival.


Accepted Forms of Payment:


Personal Check - The check must clear before the item is shipped. 

Bank Check

Money Order

Credit Card or Debit Card - These are accepted via a secure email invoicing system.  Place your order via email without including any of your personal financial information, and I will send you a return email with a secure invoice link and payment instructions attached.  PayPal oversees the transaction to protect your personal financial information, but you do not have to be a PayPal member to use this payment method.


Custom Orders and Repairs:

Making new ideas a reality is at the heart of what I do.  For custom orders or repairs, please contact me with your request.  Examples of custom orders include making alterations to a pattern already available for purchase, developing a unique pattern from scratch, or producing a jewelry-quality version of a classic pattern.  Where appropriate, I can also incorporate special materials provided by the customer to add a personal or sentimental touch to a piece.  Even if you are unsure as to exactly what you want, if you share with me your ideas and grant me some creative license, I am confident I can create something for you that you will treasure.


Overseas Orders:

Due to the exotic nature of some of the materials used in my flies, my ability to fill overseas orders depends upon which fly is being ordered and where it is to be shipped.  In the Details section of each fly's gallery, I note whether any destination restrictions apply.  I do my best to be apprised of both federal and international trade restrictions, but my customers must make themselves aware prior to purchase of any restrictions that apply to their specific locale.

Eventually, I may attempt to acquire the appropriate permits for overseas shipping of CITES species, but currently I am restricting sale of flies incorporating these species to the United States.  If you are outside the U.S. and are interested in purchasing some of my work, please let me know of your interest so I can contact you if I later acquire the permits required to ship to your locale.  The more international interest in my work, the more likely I am to apply for the necessary permits.

For overseas orders, exact shipping and currency conversion charges will be applied.



I guarantee your 100% satisfaction with any purchase.  If you are unsatisfied with an item you've purchased for any reason, simply contact me and I will either fix the problem or refund your payment in full, your choice.  This guarantee is only valid for flies if they have been treated according to the accompanying care instructions.


Sign Up for Notification of Newly Released Patterns:

It takes me a long time to develop a new fly pattern, so I anticipate releasing new patterns for sale at most a few times per year.  If you would like me to send you an email notification when I release a new pattern, please contact me at  I can, of course, take you off my mailing list if you decide you want to stop receiving notifications, but, again, notifications would only come a few times per year.  You would certainly never receive anything from me of the junk-mail variety.


Become a Supporting Merchant:

If you own a business which serves clients who may wish to buy my artwork, please contact me at and I would be happy to trade website links or furnish you with business cards.  If you are interested in carrying photographs of my work, please contact me for wholesaling arrangements.


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